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The Project

The MaKE my health Website

MaKE my health is the vision of Clinical Psychologist / Mindfulness Practitioner Penelope.

She has designed a researched-backed program to tackle an old problem in a new way. The MaKE my health program is about creating real, sustainable lifestyle changes by integrating 3 essential areas of wellness; Mindful awareness, self-Kindness and Exercise.

Penelope approached us to create a new brand and website to promote the program.

The brand was designed to appeal to men and women from 45 years of age. It needed to be positive and fun, yet strong and professional without appearing overly clinical/medical.

The website is designed to explain the MaKE my health program and the concept behind it, with the ultimate goal of engaging new program participants, who are encouraged to signup and pay for the initial program without leaving the site.

mock up showing pages from the project

The process, from conception to the final tweaking, was handled professionally and compassionately. Sarah showed the utmost patience and diligence seeing the project through to a most successful completion.

She has this knack of “getting” what my business is all about, in every respect. This was then translated to the final product, capturing the essence of this new direction for me.

If you’re contemplating a website, Sarah would be an excellent choice, as she was for me.

-Penelope Lane, Owner @ MaKE my health


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