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The project

Grocery Prime has been considering creating a grocery store app to make it possible for customers to purchase groceries online/on the go.

We recommended a user research project, to help determine whether the idea was in-line with customer requirements, and to uncover any existing problems or pain points customers may have found with any other grocery shopping apps that they may use.


The benefits of user research include:

  • Addressing issues from existing apps would help Grocery Prime to gain a competitive advantage against other suppliers.
  • User feedback can be applied to the design to create an app that would be easier for customers to use, potentially attracting non-Grocery Prime shoppers in addition to existing customers.
  • Grocery Prime can feel confident in their decision to move forward with the app, based on user-verified research.

After defining the audience, we contacted a select list of existing shoppers from within the target audience and asked them to complete an online questionnaire.


The Process

  • Create a script
  • Prepare interview questions and tasks
  • Conduct user tests
  • Analyse results
  • Report on findings
  • Recommend next steps

Key takeaways from user research

Most participants found the location of the store in relation to home or work was important to them, although they might go out of their way if they really needed something. This shows that convenience is important – theses shoppers may be interested in the app based on this.

There wasn’t a unified preference as to whether self-serve or a cashier was part of the checkout process.

The respondents were generally able to find what they were looking for but didn’t like being made to look because the layout of the store or produce had changed. For the most part, shoppers didn’t mind asking for help, but some felt that it was awkward. This could mean that staff on the shop floor need more training on how to respond when being asked for help.

Which products were on offer was important to some but not to others. Further research would help in this area.

Shoppers largely demanded convenience when shopping. So for the Grocery Prime app, making it easy for shoppers to sign up, add to cart and checkout is a must. The process should save time and include a good search function so that people could find what they were looking for quickly. It could also be useful to allow users to search by special offer, so budget-conscious shoppers can see bargains at a glance.

A low-fidelity prototype was created for the app internally. We then conducted user testing on the early prototype and provided feedback on our findings.

User interviews for web application



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