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The Project

The Australian Vanadium Ltd (AVL) Website

It won’t surprise you that Australian Vanadium Ltd (AVL) are a Vanadium producer. What you might not know, is how awesome Vanadium is and all the incredibly cool things you can do with it (like smart, renewable energy storage for example).

AVL are have been in the exploration phase for some time and are about to start mining one of the largest Vanadium deposits in Western Australia. The website needs to communicate their progress to shareholders, and engage with existing and new investors, making it easy for them to learn about Vanadium and AVL’s current and up-coming projects.

We had a good hard look at the existing website content and removed anything that was unnecessary. We gently restructured the navigation and content where necessary to enable users to get to the information they need quickly and easily. In addition, the back-end of the website is built to allow updates and new content to be added in-house with minimal training.

mock up showing pages from the project

Having seen Sarah’s work on our subsidiary, VSUN Energy’s website we were keen to get her involved in the refresh of Australian Vanadium Ltd’s website. Using the company’s brand colour and style she has totally re-designed the site and made it mobile-friendly. It’s clean and clearly directs people to the information they need to find, which is essential as we progress our vanadium mining project through the next stages and aim to engage investors and project partners.

~ Vincent Algar, Managing Director | AVL


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