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The ROI of an optimised user experience is impressive. A positive digital experience results in repeat business, higher conversion rates, reduced support hours, positive brand perception, a boost to your credibility and happy customers.

Who we help

We don’t care where you are, but we do care who you are.

We love to work with organisations who exist to help people, help the planet or challenge the status quo. We work with for-profit and not-for-profit, including:

Educators Game Changers Ethical Companies Not-for-Profit Organisations Digital Agencies who share our vision
illustration, helping people, helping the planet, challenging the status quo

How we help

User Interface Design (Website Design)

Anyone can design your website, but that doesn’t mean they should. Good design is good business, and a good website will pay for itself.

Your website is open for business 24/7. If it clearly communicates what problem you solve for your customers, you’ll have the start of a winning digital strategy. Our strength is in digging deep. We’ll help you make it easy for customers to do business with you. We’ll turn your website into your best salesperson.

Clarity beats clever. We’ll help you simplify your message, clarify your offering and amplify your impact and reach, via a beautifully designed, accessible website that will delight and engage your customers.

Conversion Optimisation

It takes a lot of effort to get people on your website. Once they get there, you don’t have long to convince them they’re in the right place.

If people are visiting but not taking action, then it’s time to work out why. We’ll review your website design, layout, elements and analytics to see where it’s costing you business.

An improved conversion rate will increase the effectiveness of your site. If you’re spending money driving traffic to it, it will decrease your ad spend, and increase the return on your investment.

Helping people find what they need, will help you get what you want.

User Experience Design

The key to an effective website is an exceptional user experience. The secret to an exceptional user experience is knowing what your users consider exceptional – what did they come to do? We’ll work together to help you discover your audience and understand what they need.

We will improve your users’ experience by conducting user experience workshops (such as customer journey mapping) and user research, facilitating card sorting to help develop an effective information architecture and carrying out usability testing.

Website Audit

Most likely, you already have a website. Perhaps you’re not sure what shape it’s in, or you want to get a good idea of where you’re at and some solid recommendations for strategy going forward.

The Website Audit comes in 2 flavours:

WordPress Site Audit: is a 60 point check of your site. It includes areas such as performance, search engine optimisation, user experience, security and accessibility. Once the Audit is complete, we’ll walk you through the results and make recommendations for improvement based on what we discover.

UX Website Review (or Heuristic Evaluation): is a look at your site from your users perspective. We will review the website and provide a list of recommendations for improvement.

A Heuristic Evaluation can be a great starting point if you need to decide how to allocate any budget set aside to improve your users experience or increase conversion rates across your website.

Ongoing Improvement

Successful websites are those that continue to improve, responding to the ever-changing digital landscape and listening to their users to make sure that they continue to provide the best user experience possible.

We can work with you to implement an ongoing strategy for further optimisation of your website and digital strategy going forward.

Website Support & Training

We offer ongoing support via our Website Maintenance & Security Plans, as well as individual support and consultations to help you make great decisions around your marketing strategy.

We also offer one-to-one and group training, so you and your team can continue to get the most from your website, managing what you need to in-house with maximum efficiency.

WordPress Website Support Plans

What they said

  • You will struggle to find somebody who cares more about the success of your business and the experience of your customers than Sarah.

    She will leverage her extensive knowledge of UX design to create a compelling experience for your customers that will, improve conversion, increase customer loyalty, and encourage word of mouth recommendation.

    But probably just as important is that she is a pleasure to work with and honestly cares about delivering the best solution possible. I honestly don’t know what more I could say to encourage you to hire her!

    ~ Paul Boag, Speaker / Author / Consultant
  • Sarah was amazing! She provided regular meetings to keep me on task with clear instructions of what was required the website was completed on time and on budget. Sarah was both patient and understanding of my needs – and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

    ~ Claire Eardley, Kai-Fella
  • At the end of the process, we have a website which is clean, simple, easy to access and ‘to-the-point’ and that has increased our traffic, business and brand presence domestically and internationally. The website is gaining global recognition by our partners and clients.

    ~ Pankaj Pathak, Curtin College
  • – a website that is clean and simple, easy to navigate and rich in content. My business has increased dramatically as a direct result, with the majority of new clients now finding me through search engines.

    ~ Dr Sarah Boxley, SkinBox Clinics
  • …took the time to really understand my business. She has a talent for writing engaging copy that resonates with the tone of the business.

    Throughout the experience, she set a realistic outline of time and costs and always explained options and their benefits. Thank you, Sarah, for your commitment and support, and for your outstanding work. What an absolute pleasure it has been working with you.

    ~ Alison Gordon, Feed for Thought
  • Sarah is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. Her highly detailed approach to the user’s experience from a UX and design perspective helps to make sure projects achieve their intended purpose to actually get real business results.

    ~ Simon Kelly, Renegade Empire
  • Jee goes above and beyond in terms of delivery, she is passionate about making sure you get the best and she is very generous with her knowledge. Not only did we get a beautifully designed site we also came away significantly more knowledgeable than when we started. Hope we get to work together again.

    ~ Gemma Clarke, Navitas
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