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The Project

White-label in collaboration with PB Web Development.
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Club Menangle is a Not-for-Profit (NFP) harness racing club, established in Harold Park, Glebe in the 1900’s. Having relocated to Menangle Park in 2014, and recently completing construction of new venues, Club Menangle needed a modern, new look to attract the right clientele to their new venues.

Additional short-term goals included:

  • attracting new club members,
  • generating an increase in followers on social,
  • transitioning toward all restaurant bookings being taken online.

Brand guidelines were provided, however, it was necessary to push the boundaries here to attain the level of sophistication required from a design perspective. We were able to achieve this by reducing the size of the existing colour palette, and tweaking the remaining colours until a subtle, classy and polished identity was established.

mock up showing pages from the project

We’ve worked with Sarah and Get With the Brand on several projects and they’ve all been a pleasure to work on with her. From the designs that she has provided for us and our team to the development projects that we have built for her. Communication has always been fantastic, along with the project management and UI/UX skills provided in all the projects. Highly recommend working with Sarah and GWTB on any design and creative digital project.

Peter Bui, PB Web Development.


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