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Feed for Thought Mobile Mockup

The Project

A project close to my heart. Feed for Thought is a startup working on big things, namely reducing our carbon paw-print.

With market research, branding and packaging underway, a website was needed to sell this very unique pet food.

More than just an ecommerce website, Feed for Thought needed to explain the problem with regular dog food, and present the solution without turning-off the would-be customer. Feed for Thought is made from protein-rich black soldier fly larvae, which is essentially a grub. Grubs are a little gross, so we looked for a way to embrace that – ‘Our Grubby Little Secret’ was born.

After considering the research, we worked together on wireframes, incorporating key brand messaging into the UX copy. The goal was to educate the users first, before encouraging them to buy.

mock up showing pages from the project

Sarah is professional, incredibly knowledgeable, diligent, communicative and has built a phenomenal website for my brand that focusses on the customer experience. I would not look elsewhere for a website designer. Sarah took the time to really understand my business and has built a site that fits. She has a talent for writing engaging copy that resonates with the tone of the business.

Throughout the experience, she set a realistic outline of time and costs and always explained options and their benefits. Thank you, Sarah, for your commitment and support, and for your outstanding work. What an absolute pleasure it has been working with you.

~ Alison Gordon | Founder, Feed for Thought


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