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The Project

A conversion-focussed website and e-Commerce platform for a special not-for-profit: Kai Eardley Foundation / Kai-Fella

Born from a personal tragedy, Kai-Fella was established to equip the youth of Western Australia with the mental and emotional stamina needed to not only ask for help with their mental-health, but to support each other.

This essential support is delivered via workshops to schools and clubs across WA.

Kai-Fella’s logo was established, in that locals who knew Kai and his family fell in love with the skate-riding rainbow and were already buying merchandise. The Kai-Fella ball and other fund-raising events were increasing brand awareness too.

We worked together to further enhance the visual identity with fonts and a color palate resonant of their brand keywords : cool, youthful, energetic and strong – words that already challenge the status quo on this sensitive topic. A mini-style has been created as a starting point on which the brand can build.

The primary audience of the site is would-be grant providers, government and local authority employees who might be able to provide funding to support the delivery of more life-saving workshops in WA.  The site also needed to meet the needs of potential fund-raisers, schools looking for support, and anyone looking to donate cash, purchase event tickets or branded merchandise.

Starting with wireframes, we established the content hierarchy and got to work on the copy. After board approval of a simple prototype, the hi-fidelity designs were created and developed in WordPress, with custom blocks to facilitate flexibility for updates in-house.

At time of writing, the site has been live 2 weeks, and has already generated a handful of donations and merchandise sales. Tickets to the up-coming ball are selling fast!

We look forwards to supporting Kai-Fella and their amazing work going forwards.

Special thanks to DDH1 Drilling for their generous donation towards this project.

mock up showing pages from the project

Sarah has provided a website that consistently reflects our charity – and her help and guidance with the process made it both smooth and relatively effortless! The methodology was effective in creating the essence of what our charity is about. She has cleverly captured the sensitive nature of suicide prevention, without labelling the product with negativity. She was incredibly patient throughout the process- and took the time to explain each stage in depth as we progressed. I would highly recommend Sarah for any website design- as she is incredibly knowledgeable and talented- whilst remaining humble in her abilities.Thank you Sarah Jee – you are brilliant!!

~ Claire Eardley, Founder of Kai-Fella


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