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Seriously Good Accounting Mobile Website Mockup

Australian Web Awards Winner 2022

Robert, founder of Seriously Good Accounting, is determined to make business growth less complex and more lucrative for his clients.

After experiencing a period of growth in his accounting business, he realised his existing website was no longer talking to the people he could support, and wasn’t clearly explaining the services he was providing.


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Our process

To make sure we really understood the ideal client, we created a couple of Empathy Maps, traditional and UX-focussed. We realised the need to explain the services on offer in two ways, for those who knew what they needed from an accounting partner, and for those who were less certain, but looking for support and advice at a particular stage in their business journey, whether setting up and managing the business, scaling up or ultimately selling up.

We then got to work on wireframes and UX copy for the key pages.

Whilst Robert worked with a local photographer and copywriter, we researched competitor sites found ourselves somewhat underwhelmed, realising there was an opportunity to create something unique for Seriously Good Accounting.

A short exercise helped us to confirm the brand we created a couple of years ago was still relevant.

The user interface was designed to incorporate the existing visual identity, whilst working to set Seriously Good Accounting apart. The new design is bold and colourful, purposely so to represent the ways that Robert and his team have broken away from the traditional accountant/client relationship.

His goal was to appear approachable, collaborative, savvy and aspirational.

mock up showing pages from the project

Very effective and very good at communicating – I was able to book in for a chat at any time during the process. I always knew what stage we were at.

Sarah provided honest feedback and outputs on why certain design elements were used and why others were not.

I highly recommend Sarah and I will be recommending her to my own clients.

~ Robert Dalton, CEO @ Seriously Good Accounting


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