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The Splendid Egg Website

The Splendid Egg already had a fun and quirky brand, they needed a website that would help them to strengthen this brand identity, explain why Splendid Eggs are a premium, ethical product, and attract wholesalers and retailers who are looking for quality produce from sustainable farming. We also wanted to provide location information for consumers looking to either buy Splendid Eggs or visit cafes and restaurants where they could eat them, so we included some additional functionality to make this over-easy* (*sorry)..

Your average ‘Free-Range’ hen shares 1 hectare with 10,000 pals. Splendid Free-Range hens share with 7 of their closest friends. Using regenerative farming techniques, The Splendid Egg is able to deliver a superior quality product that’s good for business, health and the environment.

We believe that’s worth clucking about!

mock up showing pages from the project


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