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The Project

Vim & Co are successfully challenging the traditional pharmacy model, offering customers a completely different experience. Vim & Co Website.

We love to work with clients who challenge the staus quo. Vim & Co do this in spades.

The pharmacy itself is a stunning, bright and relaxing space, quite different to your average pharmacy with over-stocked shelves and anything-goes mentality. The Vim & Co product family is carefully selected to help patrons achieve maximum health and well-being all year round. The overall result is a luxurious experience – one that leaves visitors feeling special and cared-for.

Vim & Co needed a new website that would be an extension of the vision behind their new pharmacy experience.

We worked with Vim & Co to incorporate their existing brand guidelines into a custom website design, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers.

Stage 2 of the project was to add eCommerce, to enable online sales of key products, promotion and sales of tickets to in-store workshops, and online bookings for pharmacy consultations.

mock up showing pages from the project


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