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The Project

To create a user flow and low-fidelity wireframes for a new outdoors mobile app called 'Hike with Me'.

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Project Overview

Research was conducted internally for this project and the client provided user personas. The concept behind the app was to allow users to plan, schedule with friends and complete a hike via an intuitive interface.

The business goals were defined as:

  • Create healthier communities and more active individuals by giving people an easy way to schedule a hike.
  • Increase the number of hikes users go on
  • Increase the number of app downloads

User Persona

Name: Joe
Age: 30 years
Occupation: Sales Rep

  • Enjoys challenging himself
  • Wants to be able to schedule hikes with his busy friends
  • Trying to keep up his healthy lifestyle
  • Likes to go on longer hikes with a variety of difficulty levels

The Process

  • Create User Flows/User Scenarios
  • Design Wireframes
  • Create working prototype for user testing

We determined the main jobs to be done in the app as follows:

  • Onboarding (Signup or Login)
  • Scheduling a Hike
  • Completing a Hike
  • Rating a Hike

Using this as our starting point, user flows were created in Miro. Keeping in mind the project requirement to have minimal learning on the part of the user, we added additional steps to help guide the user through the flow, as intuitively as possible.

App concept user flows

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Mock up from the project


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