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The Project

Instant Pet Finder is a pet adoption website which allows visitors to view/search pets from different shelters and find out more information from the shelters.

Project Brief

The business goals for this initial phase of this project was to:

  • enable shelters to communicate with potential adoption partners via a single platform
  • enable visitors to view all pets available for adoption
  • increase the database of potential adopters via a short onboarding process which obtains marketing consent
  • find more homes for abandoned pets

Project Deliverables

  • Create a low-fidelity wireframe for a mobile app
  • Create a low-fidelity desktop landing page to encourage users to sign up

Design Thinking

The UX patterns selected for this project are largely functional patterns. By breaking the signup process into 4 steps and introducing a progress bar, we’re helping the user understand how long the process is and where they are at in that process. This helps reduce cognitive load and encourages users to continue as they can see they near the end of the process.

Adding a back button to the inner form pages and including a mobile navbar ensures the user can easily go to the previous step or move away from the sign-up process altogether (one to debate with marketing teams..)

Adding dropdown items where possible means less typing for the user, which will speed up the sign-up process.

Including a privacy policy link on the inner pages server to show you care about the users’ data and encourages them to continue. They can check the privacy policy at any point during the process. At the end of the process, we ask for permission to add the user to the database and ask that they agree to the terms and conditions.

At the point where the user needs to create their account, I added the option to sign up with Google. This speeds up the process and makes it easier for anyone with a Google account – it’s one less password they will have to remember!

On the final screen, we redirect them back to the pet search, so they can continue on their journey to finding a pet.

Mock up from the project


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