Why you shouldn’t use WordPress.

I’m often asked why I use WordPress to build websites. Truth is, it’s come and long way since being labelled a free blogging platform and is still growing at an incredibly fast rate – not just in terms of people using it, but it’s functionality and drive to keep moving towards a better web. It’s a versatile, robust content management system (CMS), currently powering around 26% of all the sites you visit online. Pretty impressive huh?

Before I go any further, if you don’t know the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, check out this infographic.

So, with out of the way, I can safely say it’s not not for everyone. There are times when it just won’t do, but the devil is in the detail, and you need to do your research before deciding which platform is best for you.

WordPress is prone to being hacked.

WordPress is open source, that means it’s free, which is part of it’s appeal in many respects, but being the popular kid in school can actually mean you’re more susceptible to bullies. I’m talking about hackers. The most recent (at time of writing) being the Panama Papers debacle, from which over 4.8 millions were exposed. Basically the site was out of date. The takeaway is, if you’re going to use WordPress, you must keep it up to date. You can take out a WordPress Maintenance & Security Plan, or do the job yourself. It doesn’t matter, so long as it gets done. So is WordPress less secure that other CMS’s? That would be no.

WordPress isn’t for professional websites.

Haha. You have to laugh at this one. Here’s a few examples of big brands who chose to build their website using WordPress. Take a look. There’s nothing unprofessional about them:

I could go on, but you get my point.

What about Search Engine Optimisation?

Well, if you’re still sitting on the fence about WordPress, then this will most definitely tip you over the edge. Whilst there are around a million factors that can prevent you gaining first page ranking in Google, I’m absolutely sure that WordPress isn’t one of them. Used correctly, and with other necessary measures in place, it will stand up in court no questions asked.

To quote Google’s Matt Cutts: “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.”

I’m not about to argue with Google. That would be foolish. 🙂


WordPress is a tool. It enables professional web designers and developers to create and build websites. Much like a mechanic would select the right tool for the job, so do we. Occasionally we recommend a client uses something else, occasionally I refer clients to other professionals using alternative platforms for web design and development. Is WordPress right for you? Well that depends on what you want a website for, what your website needs to do, what your business goals are and how your website fits into the bigger picture of your business and digital strategy.

If you want to talk about this, I’m your girl. Get in touch.


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