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Sunstone Mobile Mockup

The Project

Sunstone Advisory provide a range of specialist support services to the Australian government, including the Department of Defence.

Goal: Help government employees validate and approve Sunstone Advisory as a preferred candidate for government defence and ICT tenders.

Previously operating under the name of ‘Connect’, with an out-dated and ambiguous online presence, we agreed it was time to rename and rebrand in order to strengthen trust and credibility, increase brand recognition and enable Sunstone to sit confidently along-side their competitors, including global consulting firms.

With the rebrand underway, internal and user research could begin. We conducted stakeholder and user interviews, creating empathy maps and customer journey maps for the primary audiences – government officials and potential employees.

This work informed the wireframes (low fidelity visuals depicting content placement and hierarchy), which ensured copy could be structured around user flows.

Post-copy and branding, the visual design was developed, with photography including Sunstone’s employees, along with bigger picture, aspirational images of Australia.

mock up showing pages from the project


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