Instagram for Business

Turns out Instagram is more than just a flashy new logo. They mean business. In a big way.

Also turns out that B2B is still B2C. This was a bit of a light bulb moment for me way back when. So, Instagram for business – how can you make Instagram work for your business? Here’s the skinny.

About Instagram for Business

Instagram now has an impressive 400 million monthly active users, with 40 billion photos shared to date (at tine of writing). If you haven’t already, it’s time to make Instagram part of your social media strategy.

It’s fast becoming the visual identity for your business and offers huge potential from a branding and engagement perspective, beating the stats for Facebook and Twitter hands down.

Inspire People Visually With Your Business’ Story – Instagram


Top tips for creating Instagram for business

1. Be creative (Obviously)

You need to do more than take a photo of your product. Think about how you frame your shot, set a scene with other items, consider your angle. Once you find something that works, stick with it. Your Instagram style can form part of your overall brand guidelines. When a post gets good traction – think about the styling. Rinse and repeat until you know exactly what works.

2. Stay cool

And not just in a hipster kind of way. Images made up of blue, grey and white, get more likes and follows than red, orange and yellow.

3. Filter it

There was a time where #nofilter was the rage, but let’s face it – a good filter choice can make a tin of beans look good. Think about it.

4. Caption it

Think outside the norm here. Tell the story, speak the language of your intended audience.

5. Think about your #hashtags

Really think about them! Hashtags make your images and video searchable. It’s a sure fire way to get discovered! You can actually use up to 30 hastags on your Instagram post. Rumour has it that 11 is the perfect number. Again, watch and learn. Always take a second look at posts that fly and find the magic Instagram formula for your business.

6. Connect your account

Check out your Instagram settings. You can connect your Instagram for business to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr profiles. Nothing to lose here. Maximum exposure.

7. Let your personality shine though

This one is especially true for SMB’s aiming for success with Instagram for business. In words of Dr Seuss, “no-one is you-er than you!”. Keep it real. Be human. Make it super-easy for people to relate to you.

8. But keep it glam!

Your images need to be top-notch. Avoid blurry out-of-focus and ugly at all costs. Instagram is a visual representation of your brand. Keep it professional and on point.

9. Keep in touch

Don’t set the ball rolling and hope for the best! Be sure to respond when users engage with you. Repost, like, share, let them know you care! Be active.

10. Keep up to date

Stay on the ball with tips and tricks from the horses mouth. The Instagram Business Blog is a great place to build your knowledge and get inspired. Here are some Instagram for business tips to get you started. Have fun!

The Wrap

It’s taken them a while to really come to the party, but Instagram have most definitely arrived. With talk of new algorithms and changes to the traditional feed you should assume they are here to stay. Embrace the changes made to Instagram, it’s good news for your business. Get to know your audience and deliver what they’re looking for. Build strong relationships and watch your business grow online.

Until next time..

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