6 ways to boost your business online

Being in business is hard. On top trying to deliver your product or service, you’re busy being all things to all people whilst trying to market your business and stay in the lime-light.

Here are 6 ways you can boost your business online. Easy.

1. A killer website

Ok, let’s deal with the obvious first. Your website is a major representation of your brand and it’s open all hours. Yup. It’s working to serve your customers while you sleep.

Is your website easy to use, easy to find and packed with useful information for your current and potential clients/customers? Does your website generate enquiries that turn into sales and boost your bottom line? Does it represent all that’s awesome about your product/service but still deliver engaging content to your website visitors?

You have to get this right! It’s often the first barrier to your potential new customers. How many times did you go elsewhere because you couldn’t find what you wanted on someones website or it took an age to load? See my point?

2. Ask your website visitors this..

You don’t have to put a million annoying pop-ups on your website to get your visitors attention, but you do have to ask them, if you want them to do something. Have you got a free demo you want them to see? Did you write a cool article about something of great interest to your target audience? Is your newsletter so full of tips and tricks that they’d be missing out by not getting it? ASK! As the old saying goes “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”. Know what you want your customer to do when they get to your website and ask them to do it.

3. Be sociable.

Social media blah blah we know it sometimes feels like a thankless task. But it’s not really an option anymore. It’s the way of the world. If you’re not being social, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with both your existing and new customers. Now, we’re not suggesting you try to be everywhere – pick one or two platforms (from research about where your target market are hanging out) and do them well. Really well. We promise you it will pay off.

4. Get feedback

Yes you can put client testimonials all over your website, but if it’s not B2B you’re still going to have a hard time getting people to believe you. Online reviews are the bomb, don’t miss this. If you have a happy customer ask them to give you some feedback! Send them to your Google Business Page (see #5) or Facebook Page – whatever. We all know word of mouth advertising is gold. This is where it’s at.

5. Set up your Google My Business Page

Immediately, or sooner! Even if you don’t have a store front. Not only does it help people to find you via Google Maps, Google My Business also helps you get found by people looking for your product/service locally. It only takes a few minutes and costs absolutely nothing. No brainer. Here’a quick ‘how to’ guide that shows you how to claim your Google By Business page.

6. Blog

If you’re still reading, here’s to you. There’s nothing like the word ‘blog’ to invoke fear and suspicion from small businesses who are busy! I hate to tell you this, but blogging (or writing articles, or a journal or a news feed or whatever you choose to call it) is totally essential for your inbound marketing. Provide quality content intended for your perfect customer. You don’t need to be a Pulitzer prize winner to craft a decent blog post. (Clearly not – I’m writing this). You just have to know your audience and tell them what you about what they need. If all else fails, team up with a good content writer and Bob’s your uncle.

So there, you have it. 6 ways you can boost your business online. I’m stopping there. Enough to be getting on with I think. Take it one step at a time. Have a little faith in yourself.

Still not convinced? Get in touch. We might just be able to help you.


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